The Dow Chemical Company

The Dow Chemical Company

The Dow Chemical Company (‘Dow’) is an organization driven by science and technology and a strong commitment to contribute to reshaping the world we live in and enhancing the quality of life. As earth’s population continues to rise in the years to come, current and future generations will face huge environmental and sustainability challenges. At Dow, we ensure our unique chemical, physical and biological science capabilities are combined to provide innovative products and solutions.

Dit bedrijf is te vinden op onze jobbeurs op de gelijkvloers. De vertegenwoordigers zullen stand 17 bemannen.

The Dow Chemical Company is op zoek naar volgende profielen: Chemical (Chemie), Electromechanical (Elektromechanica), Electrical (Elektrotechniek), Automation (Automatisatie).


  • Herbert H. Dowweg 5
  • 4530 Terneuzen